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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Capitalize on Oprah's Flock of Twitterers

So did you guess? Yep, that's what I've been doing since Wednesday, harvesting and culling at the Winfrey Estate on Twitter. It's simple, it's fun, and if I had two dimes to rub together it would be fully automated.You wanna try?

First (optional), find out the demographics of Oprah's audience OR find out the likes, dislikes and interests of someone YOU know who watches The Oprah Winfrey Show (this helps you create the name and profile and attitude)

Second, create a Twitter account with a name and bio that would be attractive to the demographic slice of Oprah's audience you want to attract (from results of the first step) Since I skipped the first step I just followed people from among Oprah's followers. (period)

Third, find a portrait photograph, a head shot, that goes with the name and bio you just created. I went browsing at deviantart looking for my new persona; I found her. :)

Fourth, start a personal blog in the name of this new Twitter personality. Add value by linking and answering your own questions. And answering questions of your twitter "audience."

Fifth, every day add 200 Oprah followers. After you have reached 1,000 people that YOU follow, delete everyone who did not follow you back. MyTweeple is a Twitter application that will help you do just that

Sixth, repeat the fifth step again and again until you have 5,000 (or 10,000 whatever) mutual reciprocal followers. My target fro May is 5,000+ reciprocal followers on my Sofiia Miller account. I am shooting for at elast 25% retention but initially although growing has not gotton there's about 16% and climbing. The more I interact, the better it gets. Interacting with people that I've JUST added ASAP is a good tactic for increasing liklihood of a reciprocal follow.

Seventh, After you do your first culling of the "non-mutuals" then automate reciprocal follow with TweetLater. That application will make your Twitter account follow anyone who follows you AND it will send a thank you note to the new follower. Include the link to your personal blog AND make the note feel like a hug, full of enthusiasm and energy. DK's is something like this: "OMG! I like U already! Facebook me and check out my video page."

Eighth, once you have your base of 5,000 then start dropping an affilite link every 8 hours, like clockwork with a Twuffer like you probably already did with your first Twitter account.

Ninth, make sure to send DM's to at least one page of your followers daily. Make sure to promote any blogpost that you write that might be of interest to this crowd. You may, also, continue to grow your list by repeating the 5th step.

Tenth, now really get some stats on Oprah audience member and write up a detailed description/bio/profile for Sopia that is in the ball park of a signgicant segment of oPRAH FANS. i ALREADY GOT THAT i AM NOT GOING TO ATTRACK THE ILITERATE OR THE PROFANE OR LEWD. i AM NOT GOING TO BE LIKE THAT AT ALL.

Explanation of MyTweeple, TweetLater and Twuffer is given in an earlier post "Power Tools" which was Day 18 of my April Challenge

Let the conversations going on amongst your crowd determine what you blog about in yourpersonalblog. Keep the posts short and with some kind of illustration or video.

This pool of reciprocal followers may become the basis of your members only site. This group is going to be your target market. Take it slow. First you build relationship on Twitter, credibility on the blog, and they subscribe.... you are building your subscriber/readership , you post based on their voiced interests...

You can do a lot with this group...A lot. This group is wed to televison and believe everything that Corporate media/advertisers feed them.Take advantage of the preexisting, mental programming.

Guess what? This technique can work with the flock of any celebrity Twitterer.

Self sorting demographics...a beautiful thing.

Reminds me of people lining up, begging for toxin laced vaccines. Anyway I digress...

Original title was: Capitalize on Oprah's Flock of Twits..but that sounded really degrading and disrespectul. Not my style.

Whenever you're ready to start raking in the cash DO use Yaro's masterplan to create a members only site. I listened to it in .mp3 format witin the first 24 hours of it's release and it blew my mind...pleasantly. (you get, free of charge the entire plan in .pdf and .mp3 formats)

oh yeah...
such as

just follow profiles with pictures above tthe fold and click onthe refresh/reload button and repeat the porcess of adding followers. This I found was faser than scrolling down the whole page or cahging the page number. Pepole are folloinwg Oprah, still, at such a fast rate that the same page changes every minute.

the bigger the number at the end, the earlier response to Oprah's joining twitter. I believe thos peole are quicker to act in general so I am goin t ostart harvesting near the front of the line. :)

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