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Saturday, April 18, 2009

#18 Power Tools

In addtion to --which I used daily--to post to Twitter, Facebook and MySpace simultaneously I use the following tools. These tools were gleaned from AN Jay

These are the tools that I use. More can be found here:

Mr. Tweet Not Currently Using

Mr. Tweet

I found this useful when I challenged myself to go from 300 something subscribers to 500 subscribers. It helped me see lots of people, their stats and theri bio all at once and to follow whomever I chose to. I followed lots of people and those that didn't follow back I un-followed a few days later.

TweetStats Interesting But not Currently Using


TweetStats can graph your Twitter Stats including Tweets per hour, Tweets per month, Tweet timeline, Reply statistics.

Twuffer Set Up with 2 Affliate Links each tweeted once a month


You can pre-schedule hourly/daily/monthly tweets. I have just started used this with the affiliate links below. I think it will be worthwhile to tweet affiliate links once a month. More often would bug ME so I want to follow the golden rule here...treat others the way I'd wish to be treated. SEO Handbook (maybe the best) Super Affiliate Handbook (classic/updated/basic)

TweetLater THIS ONE IS MY FAVORITE; set it and forget it.


This is what I use to send automatic thank you notes to new followers. In that thank you note I include a link to myself on facebook. I could also include other links to other things I am a particular blog post or affiliate product or whatever. I ALSO used this service to follow people who follow me, automatically. This service works really well.

Because of my regular Twitter activity, my one time participation in "follow friday" and my bio of keywords about me I find that people are finding & following me and so my reciprocal list of following/followers is steadily increasing without my interference at all. I'd say somewhere between the 300's and 500's things just took off. The "follow friday" that I participated in really seemed to catapult me well beyond my goal for the month.

My Tweeple Not Currently Using

My Tweeple

You can easily see who are you following and who’s following you. You can follow, unfollow, and/or block people with ease. I've used this a few times but since now reciprocity has been automated with "TweetLater" I don't really need it.

Tweetburner I use this everyday


This is how I shorten URLs for Twitter and anywhere else space is limited. This service will also let me know how many times the new tiny url gets clicked. That way I know wat copy is working and what isn't. Oh, and I can tweet directly from tweetburner, adding whatever verbiage I want to accompany the tiny URL.

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