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Monday, May 4, 2009

5 Reasons Why I Decided to Become an Affiliate Marketer Period

1. I have no money. I can be an affiliate with no money.
2. I believe in basics to meet basic necessities. As an affiliate
3. I am strictly new school. No in person demonstrations of products--ever.
4. I know I can earn more & faster, though online new school marketing and affiliate sales
5. There are fewer variables outside of my control as an affiliate.

In these economic times it is my belief that faster is better.

Jaime told me the truth...

Well said Jaime. Maybe I am a FUTURE MLMer, but not now. I don't have what it takes to be all that.

I need to start EARNING a minimum of $1500 IMMEDIATELY. I don't have any money I can earmark as my MLM support stash.

I am committed to my success and I have the habits of study and production to prove it.

The idea of recruiting per se turns me off.

I will lead by example. If someone notices what I am doing and likes the results they are welcomed to follow my lead.

I know it is not easy. That's not the issue for me. I don't have the money and time. I only have the time. So, this is NOT for me. Not now anyway.

So, Jaime thank you for making it si plain, for telling me the truth.

John showed me the light...he untriduced me to John Reese:
In this video you’ll learn how to quickly and easily set up an what John calls an “Affiliate Commission Engine.”

You can set up as many of these little ‘engines’ as you want in any market you want and they’ll work for you 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, making affiliate income for you
close quote

That free video was preceeded by a "squeeze page" which required my giving my email address in exchange for the viewing. So...guess what happens I see the video and buy the syystem OR I am subjected to drip marketing until I unsubscribe.

John reccommends auto responder (aweber) that will send emails on days 1,2,3,4, etc. He also wisely recommends tha tyou have 10 emails alerady wwritten and in your autoresponder before you launch your program. Additionally over time notice which products are getting more sales and move THOSE emails to the first 30 days. People will unsubscribe sooner or later. So you want to put your best sellers in that first 30 days but you may not know what those best seller are until you have your own data. This takes time but indeed over time you will have the data and you can make adjustments in the order of the emails (not the frequency) to get even better, faster income.

I've been thinking onlyu of one shot affiliate marketing. Youi kown a landing page and/or a blog post or a tweet or whatever leding directly to the product sales page and people either buy or not. Period. With John Reeses system I will also be building my list and I can market to the list I can send useful information (value) and promote a particular affiliate product related to whatever I'm talking about.

It is only in the last week that I have been eating more than once a day...for three weeks I was eating something once every other day. So...what can I do? NOW?

Find a free auto responder and move both Aaron Wall's SEO Handbook and Rosalind Gardner's Super Affiliate Handbook on Twitter.

Those two have gotton the most clicks. As you may recall I put those two on auto pilot, each tweeting once or twice a month. It's automated.

Humm...let me check to see what the earnings are to date...

John Reese calls Affiliate Marketing the ultimate online business for thes 2 reasons:

  1. - Run Part-Time Or Full-Time
  2. - Run From Anywhere
  3. - No Inventory To Keep
  4. - No Products To Ship
  5. - No Payments To Collect
  6. - No Customer Support
  7. - No Recruiting

Now that, I could do with what I had from where I was.

BTW, check out Rosalind Gardner's Action Guide

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