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Friday, May 1, 2009

How to Create a Profitable Blog

For those of us who are interested in earning a living from our online activities, why not take advantage of the free courses available to improve the profitability of our blogs!

Darren Rowse (aka Problogger) offers "31 Days to Building a Better Blog" and Yaro Starak, another Aussie, has a wonderful "Blog Profits Blueprint"

Darren (Problogger)--actually his auto-responder, Aweber--sends a daily email for 31 consequetive days which contains links to the related instructional post, the support forums and the task for the day.

So everyday you are learning something (or refinng or reinforcing something) and actually putting it into practice. The series of "lessons" are supported by a forum of other participants past and present. I really like the series because it is not overwhelming and it involves my taking action, daily, in ways that may ormay not be comfortable.

Yaro's blueprint is awesome. And the series of emails that accompanies it are truly geared toward how to have a profitable blog. He starts from square one, How to Pick a Topic. I already "know" that I want to go super niche because going head to head with a long established "generalist" is not as profitable.

I am just wrapped up my "April Challenge" which involved a 28-day plan of my own creation to help someone get thier social networking foundation established and to get them into the blogging habit. (The someone how really got helped was ME!)

I have a few holes to fill in with that and some polishing up to do. (Adding text links to the posts, figuring out how to direct my URL to point to this blogspot site, correcting typos, writing and editing, etcetera!)

I'd love to have an alliance to go through both Darren's and Yaro's free programs this month and to reach my income target of $2,000 (USD) so if you're intersted please let me know.

Now I am at the one third mark in both series. Which reminds me, er um single-tasking as described by Tim Ferriss is a must habit to develop!

Wishing you massive action annd magical abundance.

oh, oh look what I found a couple of days ago in my DMs at twitter...
standoutbloggerThanks for following me :D I'd love 2 offer u a copy of my free blogging success ebook: - looking fwd 2 ur tweets!

No I'm not recommedning this ebook I just want to demonstrate that producing an ebook and giving it away is a tecnique used by many to entice you onto their "list" in order to sellyou other things at a future time. :) Another post...another time

May 2009 Targets?
Earnings of $2,000 from online activities

How about you? Where do you see yourself on May 31st?

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