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Friday, April 2, 2010

Sell Your Website

I'll do that when I no longer need the revenue...and I beieve that I will get to that point, in my lifetime. lol

Yaro in his post Sell A Website? How Much is Your Website Worth?, writes:

Friend: “You sold a website?!?”

Me: “Yeah”

Friend: “But a website isn’t anything, how did you get money for it?”

Me: “Well I took the average revenue the site was earning minus the costs of running the site and then multiplied by 2.5″

Friend: “Ahh, okay, well, umm, that’s great (walks off muttering about geeks…)”


Some people will tell you a business should be sold for ten times it’s gross profit, or 5 times average revenue or 2 times last years total revenue. EBizBrokers state that generally an e-business website is worth three to six times earnings before interest and tax, so if your website profits are $100,000 you have an asset worth $300,000.

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