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Monday, April 6, 2009

#6 Sidebar Links

So, how is everything going? Are you writing a post everyday about what you are doing and how your feel about it? Is it easy getting into the habit of going to your special place at your special time to TCB? (take care of business). It gets easier with practice.

In the area where you click on the link to "create" a new post, you will see a tab labled "layout". Go there and you will find something like this:

The modules in the right hand column of this layout are the modules that I selected by clicking the "Add a Gadget" link. There is ONE Adsense, THREE HTML/Java, ONE "Blog Archives", and TWO Link Lists. For each of the link lists you will add a title: Resource Tools and Social Networks.

You want the Adsense ad to be TEXT ONLY and for it to blend with the color scheme of the template you have selected.

The next space is where I put my Donation button for people to send me money through PayyPal. If you do not have a merchant acccount at PayPal you can leave this HTML/Java module empty.

For now your Resource Tools will be empty, just the title.

List your social network links in the Social Networks module.

Blog Archives will be populated automatically. You can fool around with different presentations.

The last HTML/Java module contains the site meter which will tell you how much traffic your site is getting and often times from what part of the world and what IP address. In the future it will be useful to kow where your traffic is coming from and when yu have the most and least traffic and to what degree
your total traffic is growing.

To get the HTML to copy and paste for the free site meter visit: Click the "sign up" link just below the fold in the left hand sidebar. (as of April 2009...hopefully the site will not have changed the location of this link whenever you might visit)

On all of the colored words click one by one. Ultimately you want to choose "NEVER" for frequency of staaatistics report, choose 1000 lines per page of the reepoort, let the counter ignore your IP address, and copy the HTML to paste into the last HTML module of your blog's sidebar

Call me if you get stuck and I'll do my best to walk you through whatever you may not have quite completed through #6.

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