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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

#22 The Power of Comments

A comment is something that you write in a forum discussion, after a blogpost, or pn a social networking site. The tone of the comment is friendly, genuine, helpful, questioning and/or supportive. In leaving a comment you are seeding the internet with ways for people to connect with you and therefore your are creating the possibility of more traffic to whatever site(s) you direct people to.

Comments are read and if the reader is moved by what you hve written to he/shee is likely to follow-up and seek your voice elsewhere. On blogs you ofteen have the opportunity to include your name and website URL. In people can simply click through to your site.

So far, in 2009 there has not been a site that I actually wanted to drive traffic so I generally use my MySpace URL. My MySpace URL has the most complete "mystory" and it also links to my other social networking pillars.

You could just as easily link to your blog or a specific post in your blog.

Thoughtful comments attract people to you, one reader at a time. Genrally these comments are are permanent as the life of the site you are commenting on.

Select a few sites, outside of the pillars, that you can commit to reading and commenting on regularly.

In addition to the Warrior Forums, and Problogger, I suggest that you look through the Top 100 at Technorati (in terms of authority or number of fans) and find at least a couple of blogs that are of keen interest to you. Hopefully your reading list of bloggs will include blogs that are likely to have content that will help and inspire you as you build tthe content of the three blogs that you have started during this challenge.

As you go along writing and doing research on blogs you will find other blogs that you enjoy and that you find useful and have cause to contribute to in the way of comments. Add them to the list. Ideally I want to have no more than 10 bloggs that I participate in regularly. i want to keep my daily dailies to 4 hours or less.

Sites that you need for your daily dailies you can bookmark and keep in one folder. Some people like t use RSS feed readers to hae all of the new posts of the blogs that they are keeping up with in one place.
ou can cutback on the time you spend doing this reading and commenting.
Over time, once you are very established.

I have decided to make my other two topic blogs super-niche, btw.

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