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Saturday, October 13, 2007


So how many closed transactions to earn $10,000? Well that'd be 100. I wonder how many click throughs will be required? If the system produces a conversion rate of 20%, which I consider HIGH, then I'd need 500 click throughs for which 20% end up buyinging not the first product for $7 but the mastermind product for $177.

I might have to get into that PPC sooner than later...we'll see. What can I do with no money? Well you saw the first day's to do list! Let's see what that kind of actiit results in. Picture $10,000. Focus and let the universe manifest it for you.

Online MLM Secrets
(become an affiliate)
Why? As an affiliate you are GIFTED an affiliate link
with which to seed the internet, that fertile fileld that you are romping on right now!
As an affiliate, you will be paid $100 per sale of the mastermind course which retails for $177 and which is insanely rich with information and tools to take one's buisness from nowhere to the stratosphere. Oh, and get this. You don't sell. Your link is a portal to a system which does all the selling.
At most you warm up the funnel fodder by sharing YOUR experience in your own authentic voice. No hype. No hyperbole. No affected voicing. You'll probably end up buying it now or later or never...just become an affiliate then follow the sugestions as to how to sow your seed.
If you have questions, just ask in the comments.
If you have something constructive to share, leave that in the coments, too.

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